Garner Lake Association

Lakeland, TN U.S.A.

These are the Rules of the Lake of Garner Lake.

You must read, be familiar with, and obey these rules before boating on Garner Lake.

RULES OF GARNER LAKE                      Revised 4/1/2017

Garner Lake Management, LLC   (GLM)



  1. Garner lake is for the exclusive use of lot owners in Lakeland Estates, East Shores, Windward Slopes, The Preserve, Long’s Landing and The Pointé subdivisions.
  2. Guests of lake residents may use the lake only when accompanied by residents.
  3. Trespassers are subject to arrest and prosecution.
  4. The Lake Ranger has the authority to enforce the RULES OF GARNER LAKE.  Violators and those who behave dangerously or create a nuisance or annoyance may lose lake privileges for a time determined by LMA.
  5. Underage consumption of alcohol and use of illegal drugs are not tolerated.
  6. Residents and guests should refrain from creating loud noises on the water, especially after 10:00 pm as sound carries over water.
  7. Everyone is asked to help keep our lake clean.  Please secure garbage, pick up drifting litter, and dispose of nothing in the lake.
  8. Residents and guests use the lake at their own risk.  Lake Management Associates, Garner Lake Association, subdivision associations and lake residents assume no responsibility for accidents or other harm and shall be held harmless from any that might occur from use of the lake.

  1. Boats must be the property of lot owners and display a current LMA boat sticker.
  2. Boat motors cannot be more than 15hp.
  3. Preschoolers and other non-swimmers must wear size-appropriate flotation devices.
  4. Water skiing and pulling on floats is not allowed.
  5. Boaters should maintain a reasonable distance from fishermen and swimmers and a minimum distance of 25 feet from shore, seawalls and docks when cruising.
  6. Boaters should minimize wakes in coves.
  7. Sailboats have the right of way.
  8. All boats, including kayaks must have a visible light on after dusk.
  9. Boats should not run with docking lights (headlights) on as they are blinding to oncoming boats.
  10. Boat ramps are for use by residents only and should be chained closed between uses.
  11. Boat trailers and vehicles must be returned to the owner's lot as soon as the boat is launched.
Boats should be secured soundly between uses and tie-off lines regularly inspected.  (The lake ranger cannot retrieve drifting boats.)

  1. The lake may not be used for swim meets, triathlons, etc., nor be used for group training for such events.
  2. Swimming after dark is dangerous and strongly discouraged.  Night swimmers must be accompanied within 10 feet by a lighted boat or by illuminated markers.
  3. Swimming is not allowed after dark the night of the July 4thFireworks.

  1. Fishing from boats is permitted in the entire lake.  There is no minimum distance restriction from shore or seawalls.
  2. Residents with identification are permitted to fish from the bank at boat launches and common areas.
  3. Guests may fish from a boat or bank only when accompanied by residents.
  4. Fishing is not permitted from the dam.
  5. Jug fishing and trot-line fishing are not permitted.
  6. Creel limits per day are: 15 bass, with no more than one bass 14”-16” in length, and no more than one bass 16" in length or longer; 10 bream of any length; 25 catfish of any length; 15 crappie of any length. (The lake is currently “bass crowded” and the removal of all bass under 12” is encouraged.)


Lake boat decals can be purchased by property owners for $10 each from Garner Lake Management,

(901 388-9176.  Please include your phone number with your check in the event they need to reach you.  The Pointe decals may be purchased from The Pointe Homeowners Association. Decals are for the exclusive use of residents and may not be sold, loaned, gifted, rented or leased to non-residents.  Rules of Garner Lake may be updated, revised or changed as deemed necessary and prudent.


Our Lake Ranger, Officer Robby Beard can be reached at (901) 218-8840.