Lakeland, TN


is a non-profit organization.

Our mission statement:
To promote and enhance Garner Lake
and its watershed
for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

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Please note that Garner Lake Homeowners Association (GLA) is a separate entity from  Garner Lake Management, LLC (GLM).

GLM collects a mandatory annual fee,sells the boat stickers and hires the lake rangers. Their contact information can be found on the Garner Lake Management page elsewhere on this website.

GLA is a voluntary organization which provides various services to its members and lake residents. GLA gladly provides our members an annual accounting of funds donated and monies spent or invested for future needs. GLA is a non-profit corporation.

The focus of this website is to keep stakeholders informed of what GLA is doing on your behalf.

The Board has authorized the President to notify the City of Lakeland of erosion and other pollution entering Garner Lake, with appropriate notification to Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) to stop these practices which damage the clarity and beauty of our lake. If you observe muddy runoff or other pollutants entering the lake from storm drains or construction sites, please call Lakeland City Hall at (901) 388-9176 and report the problem. Attach a digital photo if possible. We will relay your information to the appropriate people.


President: Nancy Vales     Lakeland Estates

Vice-President: Chris Murphy  Windward Slopes

Secretary: Jenny Ellis     East Shores

: Bert Faller     Lakeland Estates


Dave Brown     Lakeland Estates

Chris Murphy   Windward Slopes

Darren Butcher     Windward Slopes

Ron Partain  The Pointe/Lakeland Estates

John Brown               East Shores

Brian Hale         Windward Slopes

Dustin Williams    Lakeland Estates

Alan Larrabee     Windward Slopes

Scott Robbins     Lakeland Estates

Beckie Holt               East Shores

Nelson Debardeleben

GLA Board Member, Neighbor and Friend

October 12, 1952 - February 5, 2005

Nelson was chief pilot for ASA Airlines, a regional airline associated with Delta Airlines. He was based in Atlanta but lived in Lakeland. He routinely commuted to Lakeland for GLA Board meetings. He was a former resident of Peachtree City. Georgia who loved living on the lake. His love of Garner Lake, his friendliness, innovation and love of life on the lake endeared him to those of us who called him a neighbor and friend. His laugh and contributions to the Garner Lake community will be remembered forever by those of us who called him a close friend. He died doing what he loved, flying an airplane. His spirit lives though his ashes are spread upon this lake he loved. We miss you Nelson. We know you soar with the angels.