Lakeland, TN

Garner Lake Management, LLC

Contact GLM at


Please note that the phone is operated by a volunteer who will return your call as soon as they get your message.  Please remember too, that the volunteer may not get your message the same day you leave it.  They also have other responsibilities and personal time away from GLM business.

All GLM business is conducted by volunteers so that your fees may be totally directed to maintaining and improving Garner Lake.
Garner Lake Management, LLC manages Garner Lake.  GLM is a non-profit corporation, owned by Garner Lake Homeowners Association (GLA) for the benefit of the stakeholders of the subdivisions surrounding Garner Lake shoreline.

Garner Lake Management sends annual notices to stakeholders of fees due.  GLM also sells stickers for all boats, canoes, kayaks and other watercraft.
Fee notices usually go out in April, with all fees due no later than May 15.

Garner Lake Management is totally staffed by volunteers who collect no fees or salaries.  All annual lake maintenance fees collected by GLM are used to maintain, benefit and improve Garner Lake.