2019 Fireworks
Saturday, June 29th
Lakeland, TN

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They receive absolutely no money for their services. Keep this in mind...EVERY DOLLAR of your dues and fees goes strictly for the benefit of YOUR lake.
Lake Maintenance
GLA owns and maintains a well
and pump to help maintain
lake level during extended
periods with little or no rain.

The pump was run for 30 days,
June 30th through July 29th.
It costs about $160 per day to run the pump.

So GLA expense was approximately  $4800.

That is why your donations to the
pump fund are so important.

Lake Safety

     Remember that kayaks and paddle boards must be off the lake by dark EVERY day.

     One rule we still need to educate several boaters about...Pontoon boats do not have headlights; those are docking lights which blind other boaters. Turn them off when cruising on the lake.


Contact GLM at (901) 388-9176 for information.

Remember this number is staffed by a volunteer

and may not be answered every day.


Erosion & Runoff Into The Lake

If you see muddy water running into the lake from a construction site, please call Lakeland City Hall at (901) 867-2717 and report it. The City is responsible for insuring that contractors contain their muddy storm water and prevent it from entering the lake.

Lawn services that do NOT use phosphorus in their lawn treatments are highly recommended for the health of the lake.

YES...Does use Phosphorus
Herbi-System – 382-5296
TruGreen – 236-0204
Lawn Solutions – 867-5626 ... Can remove it from applications if requested

NO... Does Not use Phosphorus
Fairway Lawns – 752-1222 …Will use Phosphorus only if yard has diseases.
Jones Brothers – 377-8733 … Said ground already has lots of phosphorus and does not need more.
Southern Lawn & Pest – 476-8188 - No
BeautyLawn Spray – 867-8335 ... Said he thinks most lawn services do not use phosphorus. Said there was lots of phosphorus in soil already.

Most services use Nitrogen and Phosphate.
NOTE: None of this information takes into consideration what may be used by individuals who do their own applications.

Contact us at:

LAKE RULES... Have you read them?  You must be familiar with and abide by the Rules or you could be banned from the lake.
The Official Rules are on this website on the page Rules of the Lake.

May 6, 2023     +3.0"
(Peak on March 10, 2016 was     +21.0")

The lake stage is based on the overflow at the weir on the west end of the dam.  Zero is the level at which water will begin to flow over the lip of the weir.  -6.0 means the lake must rise 6 inches to reach the lip of the weir.  +6.0 would mean the water will continue to flow into the weir until the lake level drops 6 inches.

(This information will be updated from time to time, but not necessarily daily or weekly.)
4th of July Fireworks
are scheduled for
Saturday, July 5, 2025

See for details and information on donations, or join the Facebook group Everything
Garner Lake.
Our Lake Rangers are:
Brian Hale (901) 229-6744
Chris Murphy (901) 486-3296
Jonny Filsinger (901) 417-1820.
If you see "outsider boats" or other Rules violations on the lake, please call or text the Lake Ranger.  Your cooperation helps all of us and our property values by keeping the lake private and safe for all.

Click on PDF above for 2019 Garner Lake Fish Survey.
Click on .doc icon for info on Beavers and Beaver Control on Garner Lake