2019 Fireworks
Saturday, June 29th
Lakeland, TN

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The next meeting of the Garner Lake Association Board is 7:00pm Monday, March 9, 2020 at I. H. Park clubhouse, 4523 Canada Road.  The meeting is open to all.
Beavers On Garner Lake

Beavers are very active on Garner Lake and are causing loss of ornamental trees such as Japanese Maples and Crepe Myrtles.  Otters are undeniably cute, but are causing expensive damage to the dam.  We have an animal control expert who will remove these pests at no cost to you.

It will take the efforts of all of us to help keep the beaver &otter population under control. The lake and surrounding area will never be 100% rid of these animals but we must act to keep them under control.

Rangers Brian Hale and Chris Murphy have agreed to spearhead the efforts to safely remove the beavers from the lake. We ask that if you are aware of beaver activity that you please text either Brian (901-229-6744) or Chris (901-486-3296) as soon as possible with your name, contact information, address, and a brief description of what beaver activity you are seeing. They will be the primary contact and will handle the contact with the proper specialists. PLEASE DO NOT attempt to make contact with any beaver, otter or raccoon. They can be very aggressive and dangerous.

Below are a few things that will help you notice where the beavers are active.

Watch for damage done to trees, seawalls, docks, etc. This is a good      sign of where beavers stay.
Wood seawalls are being damaged. Holes in seawalls will usually be at bottom of seawall where there is soft mud. You should be able to see a small indention in the ground where beavers will slide in and out of seawall.
Trees, Crepe Myrtles, etc. will show signs of gnawing or totally cut down. If trees are still standing but have been gnawed on it is very likely the beavers will return to finish the job. This needs immediate attention.
Property with no seawall and mud banks is a great place for beavers to leave the water and start doing damage. If you notice a small path in the mud this is where the beavers are leaving and entering the water. This would be great information to pass on.
Beavers build lodges that resemble piles of branches, mud and foliage. We are not seeing many lodges, but if you do find them please let the rangers know quickly.


Contact GLM at (901) 388-9176 for information.

Remember this number is staffed by a volunteer

and may not be answered every day.


2019 Fish Survey &

Changes To Creel Limits

The Garner Lake Fishing Network funded a study of Garner Lake Fish.  The report on that study is found in a PDF near the bottom of this page.  Also the Rules of the Lake have been amended to reflect changes in

creel limits as recommended by this study.

Erosion Into The Lake

If you see muddy water running into the lake from a construction site, please call Lakeland City Hall at (901) 867-2717 and report it. The City is responsible for insuring that contractors contain their muddy storm water and prevent it from entering the lake.

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LAKE RULES... Have you read them?  You must be familiar with and abide by the Rules or you could be banned from the lake.
The Official Rules are on this website on the page Rules of the Lake.

Janauary 17, 2020     +5.5"
(Most Recent Peak was March 10, 2016     +21.0)

The lake stage is based on the overflow at the weir on the west end of the dam.  Zero is the level at which water will begin to flow over the lip of the weir.  -6.0 means the lake must rise 6 inches to reach the lip of the weir.  +6.0 would mean the water will continue to flow into the weir until the lake level drops 6 inches.

(This information will be updated from time to time, but not necessarily daily or weekly.)
* Note: Weather information below is current.  It is updated every three seconds.  The weather station is located in Lakeland Estates.  This information will NOT display properly on iPhones/iPads since the app requires Flash and Apple does not support Flash.

iPhone & iPad users can download a free app from the App Store called Thermo-Hygrometer which uses the current information from this site.
4th of July Fireworks
are scheduled for
Saturday, July 4, 2020.

See for details and information on donations, or join their open Facebook group Everything Garner Lake.
Our Lake Rangers are:
Brian Hale (901) 229-6744
Chris Murphy (901) 486-3296
Jonny Filsinger (901) 417-1820.
If you see "outsider boats" or other Rules violations on the lake, please call or text the Lake Ranger.  Your cooperation helps all of us by keeping the lake private and safe for all.

Click on PDF above for 2019 Garner Lake Fish Survey.